The three legged stool on which your software business case must stand

In my career, first as a software programmer and later as an in-house corporate consultant as well as external management consultant, I have seen numerous enterprise software deals. However the enthusiasm at the time of deal signing rarely lasts beyond the first 18-24 months and it is not uncommon to find buyers disillusioned with their[…]


The Death of Minibar – Data Driven Decision Making

I have been a frequent global traveler for much of my professional career. I have stayed in numerous hotels across various countries. While each hotel [or hotel chain to be more precise] tries to give a certain character to its hotels, the minibars across hotels, cultures and countries generally disappoint business travelers in more or[…]

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So what exactly is Internal Benchmarking?

Recently one of my clients was rather intrigued when I used the term Internal Benchmarking. I was talking to him regarding ways to leverage organizational data assets in order to uncover hidden costs and improve efficiency. I realized that not many people qualify the term Benchmarking when they use it. Oftentimes, Benchmarking is implicitly assumed to[…]