Automation in Analytics

What is true automation for analytics and is it desirable?

The word automation is often music to the ears of business leaders. Automation brings with itself the promise that things will run on their own, as cheaply as possible [at least over a longer term], and as consistently as they should. Given this, it is hardly surprising that clients are looking for automation for analytics platforms. Before[…]


The Death of Minibar – Data Driven Decision Making

I have been a frequent global traveler for much of my professional career. I have stayed in numerous hotels across various countries. While each hotel [or hotel chain to be more precise] tries to give a certain character to its hotels, the minibars across hotels, cultures and countries generally disappoint business travelers in more or[…]

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So what exactly is Internal Benchmarking?

Recently one of my clients was rather intrigued when I used the term Internal Benchmarking. I was talking to him regarding ways to leverage organizational data assets in order to uncover hidden costs and improve efficiency. I realized that not many people qualify the term Benchmarking when they use it. Oftentimes, Benchmarking is implicitly assumed to[…]

Formulating Your Analytics Strategy

5 Things to Remember When Formulating Your Analytics Strategy

As we are approaching the end of financial year (or Q3 in some countries), businesses are starting to work on their annual strategic planning cycles. I think it is timely that organizations consider crafting an Analytics strategy that enables Analytics become a key part of their execution tactics. Of course, each company is different and[…]