October 25, 2015

Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise AnalyticsClient Background

  • A Singapore based, public sector focused, digital platform, enabling collaboration among public sector agencies across APAC, including in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The client helps public sector agencies in the region by identifying best practices from individual agencies and enabling their rollout across the region.
  • Scope of Exercise

    • 100+ public sector agencies in Malaysia
    • Varying sizes (from 50 FTEs to 100,000+ headcount )
    • Varying functions (education, finance, taxation, etc.)
    • 3 months time window for data collection
    • 100+ criteria for evaluation (10,000+ data points)

Client Objectives

  • Improve service delivery for end consumers (citizens) through greater and more effective use of technology, particularly around SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud)
    • Create incentives for agencies to share and incorporate best practices
  • Use a data-led approach in order to implement a transformation plan to improve the adoption of technology
    • Ensure optimal allocation of central government’s transformation budget through assessment of current level of technology adoption, as well as the desired/right level of adoption
    • Avoid situations that lead to overspending or under-spending by allocating the same (absolute or percentage of total) budget across various agencies
      • While “seemingly fair”, it may lead to sub-optimal allocation of scarce resources!
    • Understand how different agencies fared on aspects such as organization culture, technological skills, etc. and what impact it had on technology adoption


  • Conducted peer bench-marking highlighting how each agency compared with average as well as best in class on 30+ parameters. Delivered peer benchmarking without the existence of a robust in-house enterprise analytics system.
  • Helped implement ideas from gamification to create an incentive for agencies to compete and excel each other on SMAC adoption.
  • Carried out detailed analysis to a build best practices report. Shared best practices and insights with all agencies participating in the research exercise.
  • Helped client optimize the use of budget and other resources by identifying areas most in need of investment.
  • Helped lay the groundwork for building a transformation road-map for 24-36 months implementation cycle.
  • Saved direct manpower cost and significant management time for the client by helping with the research exercise on an outsourced basis.